Avenues first worked in London in Bromley in 1994. Since then we have extended our reach across south and east London, including our first services supporting people with mental health needs. Our services in London include residential care, supported living and outreach. We work with adults and children with different levels of need.

In November 2016, Welmede merged with Avenues. Visit the Welmede website to find out more about the Surrey services. 

In London we're also running a project, It Takes 2, which is funded by the Big Lottery. It's all about connecting people based on shared interests, while tackling loneliness and isolation in communities. 

Michael Gray, Regional Director

What things are you most proud of in your services?

"The people who live in our services are friends with their neighbours. That means we have broken down barriers and are reducing stigma. Families are also involved. Something we often hear from parents is that their son/daughter looks forward to going back to their own home after they have visited. That’s always good to hear. Our support teams are positive and have a can-do approach - if something doesn’t go according to plan we will come up with a different way of doing it."

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