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Avenues Explains (video)

We've made some short films to break down a few social care terms that we know can be confusing. The films are only meant as introductions - there is more info readily available here on our site and elsewhere if you need it.

We've also added some extra films which help explain the difference we're trying to make to people's lives, and our vision. Thank you to our wonderful Practice Development team for getting up in front of the camera!



Jo Lourmpa gives an introduction to autism and the most common symptoms and sensitivities that affect people with the condition. 




 Sarah Kean gives an introduction to the term 'challenging behaviour' and why it may happen.  



Martin Chittell explains why Avenues views the term 'disability' as a condition created by society.







Jo Lourmpa talks about transition, which is a process we all go through in life.








Avenues Chief Executive Steve James talks about the distinct way Avenues does things to make sure people enjoy a good life. 








A short animation explaining the difference good social care can make to people's lives and communities. 




Support workers Judy and Adenike describe how through empathy, dedication and positivity, they helped Lynda achieve a major step forward in her life.


Hannah's mum and support team describe how her life has been rebuilt since leaving hospital.