Richard's Story


When Richard first moved into Glebe House, our residential service for people with mental illness, he was suffering from severe depression and had as a result attempted suicide. Service Manager Abdul Mursal describes how, with understanding and consistent support, Richard is transforming his life.

"Two years ago, Richard couldn't eat and spent most of his time sleeping. At first the main thing we wanted to support Richard with was making sure he ate enough. We discussed this with him and came to an agreement that he would eat one cooked meal a day – this happened gradually and we encouraged him every day and he now eats a healthy diet. 

"We then started talking to Richard about the things he liked to do. We found out that he had been a member of a swimming club when he was growing up and that he had really enjoyed this. When we suggested swimming to him, he was apprehensive but agreed to give it a try. At first, support staff at Glebe went with him and week by week he built up his confidence, increasing the time he swam for. He now goes swimming on his own every week. 

"Richard then started talking to staff at Glebe about volunteering, again we encouraged him and he went to the local charity shop and got an application form. He applied for the job, was successful in the interview and now volunteers there two days a week. 

"I've learned a lot from supporting Richard. We need to constantly engage with people and work with them, listening to what they have to say about their needs and preferences. Consistency is key, there were days when Richard would say no, he didn't want to do anything, but the team at Glebe persevered and the changes in Richard's life have been amazing – he even went on holiday to Canada last year!"


9th February 2018